LEVIA weighted blankets are designed for your everyday use and everyday needs. This heavy blanket delivers deep pressure and is soft to the touch. LEVIA comes in two stylish colors and features a lean design. An easy handling makes it a perfect fit for every bed and living room. The blanket consists of two parts:

1. The weighted duvet

The duvet has little chambers containing micro glass beads, which are responsible for the additional weight. This construction makes sure that the weight will evenly apply soothing pressure on your body.

Our heavy duvet is made out of 100 % natural cotton, which makes it comfortable and durable.

2. The cover

The beautiful and ultra-soft minky fabric feels wonderful on your skin. Due to the high-quality nature of the fabric, it prevents the fabric color from fading away and also retains its warmth for a long duration.

You can easily connect the cover to the weighted duvet by simply knotting them together using slopes that are attached to the duvet.

Our high quality minky cover is soft to the touch and easy to handle (machine washable).

"Its a very contradicting feeling, cause you have the weight but at the same time it feels gentle and soft"

"Test-sleeper" Natalie about LEVIA

Only thebest materialsfor the LEVIA Blanket


Cotton is a natural fibre made from the cotton plant. It absorbs water and “breathes”. You are set for a good night’s rest.

Glass beads

Micro glass beads are the perfect filling material. One cup of glass beads weighs as much as three cups of plastic beads.


Minky is an ideal cover for blankets because it is soft, warm and easily laundered. You will love it at first touch.

Get yourLEVIA Blanket now

Say goodbye to stress and sleeples nights

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Get yourLEVIA Blanket now

Say goodbye to stress and sleeples nights

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LEVIA Blanketsare all aboutthe weight

  • The LEVIA Blanket is available in three weights: 7 I 9 I 11 KG
  • For best results choose a blanket that weighs between 10-15% of your own body weight.
  • If you are not sure what weight to choose or if you are in-between weights, we recommend selecting the lighter version.

Blanket weight:

7 KG

Blanket weight:

9 KG

Blanket weight:

11 KG

The LEVIA Blanket in a nutshell:


140 x 200 cm

Available weights:

7KG, 9KG & 11KG


Minky & Cotton

Blanket filling:

Cotton & Micro glass beads


Minky Cover

Cotton Cover






200 x 140 cm

200 x 140 cm

200 x 140 cm


Light blue

Ivory/Grey und Blue/Grey



5,5 | 7,5 | 9,5 KG

(Net weight duvet without cover)

1,5 KG

(Net weight cover without duvet)

1 KG

(Net weight cover without duvet)


Cotton + polyester filling + glass beads

Minky fabric

Cotton fabric

1. Kann ich die LEVIA Decke auch waschen?

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