Our Story

Our mission: “Improve people’s lives – in a natural and therapeutic way”

At LEVIA, we build products that improve sleep, relaxation and well-being. With the LEVIA weighted blanket, we offer our first science-backed product that fights insomnia, stress, anxieties, ADHD, autism and many other mental health issues.

LEVIA is a startup from Munich (Germany) that is led by their two founders Louis von Otto and Felix Koleber. We are experts in online marketing and project management. Since the start of the company in April 2018, we have successfully launched a premium brand and brought high-quality products to market. It makes us proud to tackle and solve problems of our modern society.

About us


“The idea for the our weighted blanket emerged out of necessity. During one of many sleepless nights, we were browsing the internet for ways to eliminate insomnia. We stumbled upon heavy blankets that are applied in the therapeutic community. These weighted blankets have been used for years in the medical environment with great success and feedback. So we decided to share the therapeutic benefits of weighted blankets with the world.”

Our story in milestones

The Idea

October 2017

Struggling with sleep, the founders were looking for ways to improve sleep. During research, we discovered the benefits of weighted blankets. The idea was born to start up a weighted blankets brand.


November 2017 - May 2018

In May 2018 the final sample was ready. We designed and constructed our blanket from scratch with one goal in mind: to develop the best weighted blanket on the market.

LEVIA on Kickstarter

July - August 2018

In July and August we have successfully conducted a campaign on Kickstarter. The collection of 33.000 EUR via pre-orders made this project happen. Thanks for your support!

1st round of production

September 2018

Our trusted manufacturer kicked off the production of LEVIA blankets in September 2018. We are committed to high-quality products and materials.


October 2018

On the 24th of October LEVIA was invited to a start-up show on RTL. In 100 seconds the founders presented the LEVIA weighted blanket and its benefits.

1st delivery

December 2018

In December 2018 our very first batch of blankets arrived in our warehouse and were shipped to our customers! Oh Happy Day!


January 2019

Official launch of our online store with shipping throughout Europe – bringing good sleep to one household at a time.

What's next?


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